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Skip disk in a replication job

Post by slugman »


We have Veeam backup working very well, and are now configuring some replication jobs also.

The problem we have is with the amount of data that Veeam needs to replicate - some of our Windows servers which should have very little data change often require many GB of data to be replicated. After doing some research, I'm making a bit of an assumption that this is probably because of the pagefile.

No problem I thought, we can just create a new disk, stick the pagefile on it, then not replicate that disk. However, whereas In a backup job you can choose to skip certain disks (in the Advanced button on the backup location page of the job), you don't seem to have that option when creating a replication job - any reason why?


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Re: Skip disk in a replication job

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Ben, no specific reason - we just did not have time to implement this in previous release. This feature is already added into the 4.0 release though. Thank you.
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