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Slow performance after upgrade to 5.01 (ESX4.1)

Post by MikaelWinther »

Hi Guys.

After upgrading to version 5.01 (all ESXs running 4.1 build 260247),
I have an extremely poor backup performance across LAN (local target, remote ESXs).
Jobs running against local ESX servers run at approx. half the speed they used to under version 4. (transfer rate)

Ideas anyone?

server 1
before upgrade 50GB / Took 3 Hours 0KB/s
after upgrade 50GB / Took 2,5 Days! 455KB/s
after upgrade (cancelled) 19/50GB / Took 1 Day! 234KB/s

server 2
before upgrade 40GB / Took 4 Hours 0KB/s
after upgrade 40GB / Took 1,5 Days! 397KB/s
after upgrade (cancelled) 8GB out of 40GB / Took 1,5 Days! 305KB/s

server 3
before upgrade 40GB / Took 3 Hours 0KB/s
after upgrade 18 out of 40GB / Took 1 Day! 254KB/s
after upgrade (cancelled) 8 out of 40GB / Took 2 Days! 50KB/s

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Re: Slow performance after upgrade to 5.01 (ESX4.1)

Post by Gostev »

Hi Mikael, no idea as the backup engine did not change between v4 and v5 at all. Looks for other changes that may have happened at the same time. So far, EVERY SINGLE similar topic (we had a few right after v5 was release) ended up with us our customers finding out that performance drop was not related to upgrade, but rather some other change (new server, new backup target, network issue, etc). If you need help troubleshooting, feel free to contact our support. Thanks.
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