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slow snapshots

Post by pab »

hi everyone,

i'm having sometimes troubles with the snapshot management during my backup jobs with veeam backup 502, either when creating snapshot, or when deleting them.

they happen to time out.

during creation process, if they time out, the job for that specific VM is simply rescheduled. no big deal.
on the other hand, if i have an error with deletion, my VM are growing more and more and more with new snapshots i can't delete anymore. In some rare cases, i see a VEEAM SNAPSHOT NOT TO BE REMOVED. I then delete it, to regain space.

since i believe it a question of speed, is there a way to tell veeam (or vcenter410, or esxi410) to wait a bit more.

thanks in advance for your help!

Vitaliy S.
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Re: slow snapshots

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Pierre,

If you experience continuous problems with snapshot creation and removal procedures, I would definitely recommend taking a look at vCenter Server performance during job runs. What is the current hardware configuration for this server? Sounds like it doesn't have enough resources to process API calls sent by Veeam backup server.

By the way, what time does it take you to create snapshot manually using vSphere Client? Do you have any timeouts?

As regards snapshot commitment issues, then it's really hard to guess what might be the problem without seeing full log files. Assuming that vCenter Server is suffering from not having enough resources to process an API call, adjusting timeout settings might not help. I would suggest contacting our support team, so they could dig more and attempt to pinpoint the bottleneck.


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Re: slow snapshots

Post by flavor4real »

I had the same issue. Almost every other day I had snapshots laying somewhere. The virtual environment admin and me worked to figure out what the issue is and the support could not really help. However, the virtual environment admin implemented a update on the vCenter from version 2 to version3 and this changed the situation. Now, I maybe have 2 snapshots issues when compared to 5-12 out of out ~80VM's, and the complete process of creating and releasing the snapshot under vCenter goes way faster now.

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