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slow speed on initial replication 12-15MB/s

Post by fragmoider »


I am running VB&R v 4.0 on my vsphere 4 setup attached to a CX3-10 SAN. The initial replication to SAN is much slower than expected. 12-15MB/sec

If it's 10x the speed of the old product I would hate to see what the old version performed like.

But seriously are there any tips for improving this or is this performance a feature with Vsphere 4.0? I have tried SAN and Network and they are approximately the same speed.

VM Hosts are connected via 2Gbps FC and VM's are on a brand new R710 so I don't think the bottlenexk is hardware.

Okay the plot gets thicker...

1 job on a DC on same VM datastore - 82MB/sec?
1 job on exchange 2007 VM on same VM datastore 12 MB/s?

same settings used on both jobs.


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Re: slow speed on initial replication 12-15MB/s

Post by TrevorBell »


I have a Dell r710 and i`m seeing slow performance on replication so today i will update all bios and drivers on the r710 to see if that makes any difference, as for Exchange backing up slower than a DC i would say that exchange has more disk changes than your DC so that would be true... im my case i replicate 2 Dc`s one at 75mb/s the other at 4 mb/s. There is someone else on here who has slow speed issues with a Dell r710 so ill try and investigate this on my server when i get to work today... for the record mine is 2 x quad 2.226gig cpu with 38 gig ram so i know it should not slow :)

10x speed increase with change block tracking is well achievable i do get that on my production backups but the same as you not on replication YET....


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Re: slow speed on initial replication 12-15MB/s

Post by Personne »

I'm not using replication yet. But do a lot of backup, my config is a Netapp FAS2050 connected to a 1GB switch, no flow control, no jumbo frame.

My FULL backup speed rate is around 10 to 20 MB/s, which is I think pretty slow I think.
But the incremental backup using the block tracking goes between 50MB to 170MB/s

I believe that a FULL backup does't use block tracking, but only the incremental backup, should be the same with replication


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