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Slow Wan - Shared memory connection loss

Post by frankive »

We have an Edge-server at an Island with extremely poor Wan, we are talking 3-400 Kbits/s.
The sever veeamfiles (.vbk) is appx. 100GB.
We are trying to use Wasabi but after appx 3-4 GB it always failes with "shared memory connection eroor".

Is there perhaps a timeout going out here or other thing I could try do reduce this error?
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Re: Slow Wan - Shared memory connection loss

Post by Mildur »

Hi Frank

If I remember correctly, for Veeam Agents there is a limit for 7 days. And it will take you 28 or more days to upload the entire full backup.
So that could be the reason why the backup is failing. If you want to know for sure, please open a support case and let our customer support analyze the log files.

In my personal opinion, 0-50KB/s doesn't sound reasonable for using a cloud service.
What is the expected daily change rate? 1GB will have an upload duration of 6 hours if you can use the full 50KB/s.
If only a quarter of the 50KB/s can be used, you have 24 hours for just 1 GB. And I assume, your daily change rate is more than just 1GB?

I suggest to look for other local options to keep the backups. Or check out other internet solutions. Maybe satellite based options are available for that part of the world.

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