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Snapshots on vm, which I can not remove

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Im testing with the trail of veeam backup 4.1 on vsphere 4u1.
I am running veeam backup on a vm and using virtual mode.
I have a server I want to backup.
This server has 6 disks. I want to backup only disk 0 en 1. The other disks are archive disks, so there is no need to backup those drives.
I have chosen the option Exclusions -> VMdisk and selected : Selected disks SCSI 0:0 and 0:1.
When I backup the vm, it fails to back it up:

Backing up file "[vmmikestore] vmmike/vmmike-flat.vmdk"
BackupDisk failed
Client error: The specified transports are not available. Available transports: [nbd]. Specified transports: [hotadd]. VMDK path: [[vmmikestore] vmmike/vmmike-000002.vmdk].

After this I ended up with snapshots on my vm of all the disks (0 to 6!)
Why? I don't want to back those up, so why make a snapshot???
I have seen a snapshot called consolidation helper. I tried to remove it, but it failed. To be precise: It failed, but it did remove the option to remove snapshots (failed with: Unable to access file <unspecified filename> since it is locked)
Situation now:
My vm now has multiple snapshots of all disks. I have no way of deleting them.
please help.

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Re: Snapshots on vm, which I can not remove

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Hello, please contact our support directly for assistance with any technical issues with the product.

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