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Speed for Virtual Appliance and Replicate to tape

Post by osloweel »


Im testing Veeam v5, and i have installed veeam on a vm, and are using virtual appliance as backup method. I get the following speed

Total VM size: 10,00 GB
Processed size: 10,00 GB
Processing rate: 19 MB/s
Backup mode: HOTADD/NBD with changed block tracking
Start time: 26.10.2010 14:25:46
End time: 26.10.2010 14:34:57
Duration: 0:09:11

Shouldt it be around 80+ MB/s ?

The storage where VM are located is on a fiber SAN, and I can see the share from within the ESX -> Storage. Is there any other configuration i should
do, like update something ?

The backup is stored on a CIFS share on a NAS Box. Is it possible to replicate this backup on to tape, I do have a Symantec Backup Exec 2010 located
on another server.

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Re: Speed for Virtual Appliance and Replicate to tape

Post by Gostev »

Hi, not it "should not" be. It "may" be this fast for full backup, but this depends on variety of factors starting from source storage and CPU power of backup server, and ending with backup storage and connectivity to it. Every environment is different.

The rest of your questions are covered in sticky FAQ topic, please review it.

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