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Speeding up FLR

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I have a server that runs Windows Deduplication on NTFS - yes, I know, I am backing up data that is deduplicated rather than having veeam deduplicate it. However I do this because the storage on server is like 2.8:1 which saves us on infrastructure.

Anyways, this server in terms of raw disk space uses about 12TB. Doing a FLR takes almost 10 minutes to just get to the file browser, and then after that it takes another 5 minutes to do the actual FLR restore. Right now the data is housed on an iSCSI system - and the FLR directory is on a HDD in the server itself, as is the database for veeam. I'm wondering if it is worth putting the FLR directory and the veeam database on an SSD in the server, to see if it would speed up FLR in any meaningful way, as changing the hardware for the data storage is not really feasible right now. I know it won't hurt performance but I am unsure if it actually would be worth the cost.

I understand that it mostly has to do with veeam reading all the reparse points due to the data deduplication. I read in update 3a it is supposed to be faster... but I didn't really see much of an improvement.

Any ideas?

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Re: Speeding up FLR

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No, placing it on SSD will make zero difference as this directory is virtual (emulated) and does not contain actual data. What may help is defragmenting the VM in question, to reduce MFT fragmentation - this should speed up the mount process. Thanks!

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