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SQL 2005 Database Restore and Replication

Post by KJ845 »

I'm new to the products and we are looking for an answer to two questions.

1) We have a few SQL 2005 databases, we would like to take a Veeam backup every hour and be able to restore the database at any time from one of the hourly backups. We currently only run a SQL backup every night and I know we can get that SQL backup file out to be restored.

2) When you replicate a VM running SQL how well does it handle transactions that have not been processed in yet?
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Re: SQL 2005 Database Restore and Replication

Post by Gostev »

Hello Kurt, welcome to our community forums.
1. What is the question here?
2. Veeam Backup provides consistent backups and replicas by providing proprietary Windows VSS integration. This ensures that all running SQL transactions are complete, and all I/O buffers are flushed to storage before the snapshot is taken.
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