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SQL DB Restore need twice the diskspace to be successfully

Post by DaStivi » Jan 22, 2019 3:04 pm

Hey there, anyone got the issue when restoring an SQL DB to let's say Fresh Server or at least new disk, twice as much space is needed then the database file really uses?

Restore logs states as following:

Validating free space on SRDB01 (required size on disk K:\: 664,06 GB)…
Free space validation for K:\ successfully completed (free: 1,17 TB, total size: 1,17 TB).

so that should allready be enough… but while restoring the wizard Fails with not enough free space error:

Code: Select all

Error: Failed to copy file: C:\VeeamFLR\SRVDB01_642eea22\Volume6\DATA\DB1\DB1.ndf (destination: K:\DATA\DB1\DB1.ndf).  There is not enough space on the disk.  
 at Veeam.Broker.SQL.?A0x2ae242bb.ThrowExceptionIfError(String errorMessage)
   at Veeam.Broker.SQL.SqlRpcBroker.CopyFile(String from, String to, String permissionsSourceFolder, Func`2 callback)
   at Veeam.SQL.Restore.Agent.CopyUsingRpc.Copy(IUndoStack undo)
   at Veeam.SQL.Restore.Agent.SqlBroker.Copy(CopyConfigs copyConfigs, IProcessObserver observer, IUndoStack undo)
   at Veeam.SQL.Restore.SqlDatabaseAttacher.Restore(IProcessObserver processObserver)
   at Veeam.SQL.Restore.RestorePointFilesRestorer.Restore(IProcessObserver processObserver)
   at Veeam.SQL.Restore.DatabaseRestorer.Restore(UndoStack undo, IDisposables disposables, ISourceConfig sourceConfig, ITargetConfig targetConfig, ISqlConnectProvider targetSqlConnectProvider, SqlBroker sqlBroker, ISqlVersionValidator sqlVersionValidator)
next try was with 1,27TB resized disk… same error again!

next try with 1,56TB... then the restore was fine… only to find up using the inital required 665GB sitting on the new disk with the rest to be unused!

i allready opened a support Case (03374429 ) to get some offical Information, but i'am curious if somebody else allready had such issues? or Maybe i do miss something here?
btw: we're using SQL Filegroup, as someone Maybe saw the "unusual" .ndf Extension on the db file :) -> possible that it is some caveat with this SQL feature?

best regards

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Re: SQL DB Restore need twice the diskspace to be successfully

Post by alex.lyss » Jan 25, 2019 2:10 pm

Hello, DaStivi!
It looks like a known issue in u3. A support team is checking your case.
Thank you.

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