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SQL server forever forward incremental with transaction log backup

Post by jround » Jan 14, 2020 3:54 pm

We have a SQL server VM with several databases in 'full' recovery mode

Veeam has a forever forward incremental job for the VM running at 20:00 daily which I assume counts as the 'full' SQL DB backup should we ever need to recover it

As it is a business critical system I set up 'Process transaction logs with this job' and then SQL 'Backup logs periodically' to 15 minutes and currently 'Retain log backups' to keep 2 days of log backups

But as the image level VM backs up every 24 hours is there any reason to keep 2 days of log backups?

I did think of using 'Until the corresponding image-level backup is deleted' however not sure if that would work with a forever forward as the backup just merges every so often rather than deleted?

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Re: SQL server forever forward incremental with transaction log backup

Post by jmmarton » Jan 14, 2020 8:56 pm

If you needed to do a point-in-time recovery for any reason that's older than the previous night's job, then having 2 days of transaction logs could be helpful. But unless you see the SQL guys needing to do that very often for test/dev purposes, it's probably overkill.


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