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SQL server native client on Veeam servers?

Post by janezk » Mar 12, 2018 10:53 am


I need the info below if someone can help:
Is Veeeam using SQL native client for AA processing of SQL AOAG (I saw somwhere that this is the case)?
Is there a need to install an SQL server native client on Veeam servers?

Why asking?
In one separate case (not Veeam related) we found out, that the version of SQL native client was too old, ad was causing problems.
We are having some issues with AA backup of SQL 2016 AOAG, that is located over three datacenters, and maybe this is also an issue...

I was searching for the information, but not found... Maybe missed something...

Thanks for the answers

BR Janez

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Re: SQL server native client on Veeam servers?

Post by DGrinev » Mar 12, 2018 4:17 pm

Hi Janez,

There is no need to install SQL Native Client on Veeam servers, as well as AA processing has no such requirement.
However, there is a registry key which can be used by the support team in certain cases to let Veeam use the Native Client for SQL backups. Thanks!

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