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Storage Calculation

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Looking for help.
We had 18 TB of data storage (VMs). We need to store the data for 1 year retention period (on the TAPE drive).
How can we achieve this?
Currently, we are taking VMS backups with 7 days retention period and it's taken 8 TB of storage (physical disk).
Please anyone guide us.

Thank you.
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Re: Storage Calculation

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and welcome to the forums.

The "classic" approach with tape is a weekly full to tape. To simplify, I just take the 8 TB as full (because I don't know how much space your incrementals take, but you can calculate that with any calculation tool). That means 52x 8TB = 416 TB on tape. As you probably want to remove the tape, one week should fit on one tape. That would mean 52 LTO 8 tapes or 52 or 104 LTO 7 tapes (depending how large your full really is and whether you want to use multiple tapes per week)

7 days on disk are independent from the tape. And you already know the value of 8 TB. So I guess there is no question around disk space usage.

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Re: Storage Calculation

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in my case 350*52 = 18200 lol. I only export, but only keep my monthly's for a year and cycle the weekly's due to the cost. It's still crazy
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