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Suddenly Missing Objects

Post by schaffeb »

I'm currently trying to perform two independent replication jobs as a way to ease into using Veeam 4.0 as our main production backup.

I seem to be encountering a weird issue where the replication will work fine (in one case 3 times, the other 1 time), then the next replication will result in an object not found error. I don't believe anything changed to cause this, there were no changes to the VMs that I can see.

How does Veeam 4 define and object? What can cause it to suddenly not be able to find it?
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Re: Suddenly Missing Objects

Post by Gostev »

Ben, it depends on what object you are talking about. It would be best if you could send us full logs for this job for investigation. Summary error text from the session description usually does not give clear picture of what has happened.
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