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Suggestion for new 'board'

Post by bgbGsy »

Hi to all.

Being a frequent visitor to the forums, I have noticed a frustration of late with some posters who are using the Free Version of Veeam 6.1.

I am an enterprise user and have been for some years.

There is bound to be a cut-off between a users expectations of a free product and someone who subcribes to the software. As such would it not make sense to allow customers who do not have a subscription to have there own board to post into?

While I relalize that the core product is the same, lack of a support contract or restrictions in the free version seem to be an increasing reason to post in the forums. It would seem to me that there is a danger of an us and them situation arising if there is not a clear boundry between the paid for and free version of your product.

This is the same with the 'free' version of Esxi which puts some significant restrictions on an unlicensed copy. Some will always feel that they should get more from the free versions then VMWare are willing to give. Support is expensive (as with most enterprise software) so it is logical that if VMWare (or Veeam) simply give the same level of service to ALL customers regardless of contract, no one would buy the paid for versions.

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Re: Suggestion for new 'board'

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hi Brendan,

We do not see these community forums as an extension of our tech support, the main purpose of this board is explained when you click New Topic. Please look it through if you haven't done that yet.

As to the support itself, then we do have different SLAs for our paid and free customers (see our support policy for more details). Paid customers will always get the highest priority according to their support contract.


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Re: Suggestion for new 'board'

Post by kewnev » 1 person likes this post

I am a paid user, and I personally like the openness of these forums.
When I was considering purchasing Veeam I looked through these forums to see the activity of Veeam staff and the quality of their knowledge, and this fact secured the transaction for me. If I wasn't able to access these forums it would have made the decision not so easy.

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