SureBackup using storage snapshot

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SureBackup using storage snapshot

Veeam Logoby Brian_Larsen » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:04 am


When I create a SureBackup Job, and choose to restore VM’s “From backups” (within the Application Group), everything works as expected. All test goes well, Role, HeartBeat. Ping.
If I create the same SureBackup Job, and choose to restore the same VM’s as before, but now using the “From storage snapshots” option, the job fails.

The VM that fails is an Domain Controller. But the job only fails if I choose the Domain Controller Role for the VM (Ping and HeartBeat still works fine). If I look in the log file, it is waiting for the IP to be reset, not sure what that means, but it never happens? The only way I can get the job to succeed is, if I manually reboot the DC during the 1800 sec timeout period.

Is this expected behaviour, because the storage snapshots operates on volumes, so there is no VM consideration taking place regarding the state of the VM’s running on the volume, when the storage snapshot is taken (they are not quiesced)? I guess what I am asking is, is there a good explanation as to why the SureBackup job works fine using the From backups option, but not working when using the From storage snapshots option? Or is there something I can do at my end to make it work? :)

Regards Brian
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Re: SureBackup using storage snapshot

Veeam Logoby dharenkamp » Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:09 pm


we´re working very often with Snapshots because we´re mostly on NetApp storages.
IMHO it should be no difference between "From Backups" and "From storage snapshots" as long as the backup job settings are the same.

Do you use the same options for both jobs?

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Re: SureBackup using storage snapshot

Veeam Logoby nefes » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:29 pm

Brian, do you have storage snapshots with VSS (application-aware processing), or crash-consistent?
If DC is backed up without application processing, it does not go to DSRM on restore (including SureBackup), and does not reboot.
And primary DC role expects, that machine will go to DSRM and reboot after powering on, so SureBackup assumes that something went wrong inside DC.
This behavior is expected and we assume it correct: if you backup DC without application processing, there is no guarantee, that it will restore correctly.
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