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Swap Files

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I don't believe I have seen this function, and not sure it is possible. Can the swap file be eliminated from the backup/replication. I backup the system drive of my file server's VM using Veeam, the data with Backup Exec. There should be little change to the drive data, but the daily changes are much bigger than expected. It occurred to me that this must be due to the Windows swap file. I could engineer this out by moving the swap to a different disk file. However, if possible, a nice feature would be to eliminate the swap file from the backup. I imagine it would be tricky to do, but maybe not.

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Re: Swap Files

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That's right, currently in order to exclude swap files from a backup you should move them to a different drive and exclude this drive from your backups. But thank you for your feedback!

Also please note that we have reduced the default value for a block size from 1MB to 256KB in v5, that will help you to save some storage space while doing incremental job runs.


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Re: Swap Files

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Additionally, here is a helpful post on the same subject: ... swap#p9472

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