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Synthetic Full Not Happening

Post by MichaelBliss »

Hi All,

I had an issue with one of my backups not creating Synthetic Full's, its currently got approx. 230 restore points even though the settings were configured to only keep 14 on disk. I changed the retention period 31 on disk and now im getting a successful Synthetic full backups happening once a week but I still the 230 restore points.

Could anyone advise if this backup will only purge old restore points once it gets to the newly set 31 days? Ive tried creating a manual syth full, which was successful but didnt clear the old restore points.

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Re: Synthetic Full Not Happening

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Hi Michael,

Every backup chain has to have a full followed by increments, so when the total count of fulls + increments will reach 31, the previous huge chain of 230 RPs should be removed. Thanks!

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