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target VM is busy

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I tried to failover a VM to my replica server. This failed because I'm using distributed network switches and the DR servers are in a different VC farm - therefore even though the network label for the virtual network was the same - at a lower level the guid for the network was different. The bigger problem is that I dont seem to be able to back out of this problem.

In the replica's folder, the option to fail-over is greyed out, one level up - trying to delete or remote the replica gives:
unable to delete the selected backup becasue of active failover operation involving this backup (even though we are talking about replicas..)

Subseqent replications fail with:
Checking destination Cannot process the VM because the target VM state is "Busy".

So I had to create a new replica job with a slightly different name, but I can still see my old job in my replica tree which I can't remove.

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Re: target VM is busy

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Hello, please contact our technical support for assistance with this.

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