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timeout when adding objects / selecting vcenter servers etc

Post by owen.wright » Apr 13, 2018 2:55 pm

Hi guys,

Something I see quite regularly in an MSP role is when picking up the tail end of a VMware upgrade project or where the vCenter server has died and been replaced, is the 20+ minute timeout we have to endure when selecting the "no longer present" vcenter. This can be a real pain...

I get to see this in the following ways, but not limited to:
restore, selection criteria, VM via an orphaned vcenter server.
Adding VMs to a job, selecting the VM through hosts and clusters, wrong vcenter server...

I agree that its good practice to clean up the environment and remove the old vcenter server, however this is not always possible same day...
This leave several of us stuck twiddling our thumbs for >20 minutes while this times out...

Can whatever this timeout relates to, please be reduced down significantly, after all, if something in VMware isnt coming back within 30 seconds, then there are bigger fish to fry... :)

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