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Tips for moveing Windows Repository to Linux Hardened Repo

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Hi, I am looking for tips on how to move from a Windows VBR11 repository to a new Linux Ubuntu Hardened repository. This would be my tasks:
Disable backup jobs
Create and set up new Linux Ubuntu Hardeneing repository
Copy with WinSCP all backup files to the new Hardening Repository
Rescan the new copied repository
Change every BKjob with the new Linux repository
Re-enable BKjobs
BKjobs should now continue to work on the Linux repository as usual.
Delete the old Windows repository
Is this feasible?
Thanks, Best regards Novell2
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Re: Tips for moveing Windows Repository to Linux Hardened Repo

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While this should work, this would prevent you from using fast clone for your backups. Also WinSCP won't have any error detection/correction; if you go that way, do validate that your backup files are healthy afterwards.

How's the retention of your backup jobs? If it's not too high, I would suggest that you let them age out and just create new active full backups on the hardened repository.
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