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[UPDATE 4] Top issues tracker

Post by Gostev » Feb 03, 2019 8:14 pm 4 people like this post

This topic contains all Update 4 regressions which resulted in 3 or more support cases created.

Last updated: February 12th @ 63K downloads (added hotfix for issue #3)

#0: vSphere Essentials 5.0 and 5.1
Symptoms: This limitation is documented in the release notes, but I'm still putting it here for better visibility: processing of VMs on ESXi 5.0 and 5.1 hosts licensed with VMware Essentials fails with the "The host is not licensed for this feature" error due to the bug in VDDK 5.5.5 > KB2875
Cause: Bug in VMware VDDK 5.5.5, while earlier VDDK version couldn't be shipped as a part of U4 due to security vulnerabilities.
Status: We're working on a hot fix that will bring back an earlier VDDK 5.5 version. As a side effect, the same hot fix should also return support for x86 VMware backup proxies (we've had a few support cases on this as well). The hot fix will be posted here when available > KB2875

#1: Hyper-V
Symptoms: On Hyper-V versions prior to 2016, backup and replication jobs without application-aware processing enabled failing with "The system cannot find the file specified" error.
Cause: The issue is caused by snapshot path in VM configuration being different from the actual path on a file system in terms of symbols capitalization. We're not sure yet how such configuration appears in the first place, but it looks to be common for the impacted Hyper-V versions.
Status: To resolve the issue, either change the snapshot path in VM configuration, or download the hotfix > KB2890

#2: Backup console
Symptoms: Backup console failing to open after upgrade with "Object reference not set to an instance to an object" from backup console or "Could not load file or assembly" error in the logs (these are similar but separate issues, so they are tracked separately)
Cause: This looks to be caused by some uncommon Group Policy settings that prevents validating signature on some of the loaded libraries. This issue is still being investigated, however all support cases so far seem to be coming from high security environments with non-default settings (like U.S. federal customers), so we believe this issue should not affect most customers.
Status: Hotfix is available through support.

#3: SureBackup on vSphere
Symptoms: SureBackup jobs failing due to lack of disk space in the vPower NFS cache folder.
Cause: Virtual Labs get their Redirect writes option reset during the upgrade, so writes are no longer redirected to the previously selected datastore.
Status: You can just set this setting manually, or use a hot fix that will restore pre-upgrade settings automatically for environments with large number of virtual labs > KB2885

#4: Unwanted email notifications
Symptoms: After upgrade, you may starting receiving failed protection group rescan reports.
Cause: Bug due to the introduction of an option to automatically assign a license to all incoming standalone agents.
Status: To fix this, go to the Inventory node, then under Protection Groups right-click the Manually Added group, and select Disable.

#5: Application-aware processing for Windows XP guests
Symptoms: Backup of Windows XP SP1 VMs fails with the "Failed to call RPC function Vss.GetFileFromGADir" error.
Cause: Windows XP has been EOL for almost 4 years now ;)
Status: Investigating, as a workaround please disable application-aware processing for Windows XP guests.

#6: Upgrade
Symptoms: Upgrade to Update 4 fails with the "Database version downgrade detected ... Reboot and restart the setup" error.
Cause: Day/time value parsing bug on machines using certain Regional format OS settings where system time format uses a.m. and p.m. (in small symbols with dots), for example: New Zealand, Romania, and most LATAM countries.
Status: Investigating, for workaround see KB2884

#7: Upgrade
Symptoms: Upgrade to Update 4 fails with the "Failed to install file system drivers" error.
Cause: Windows OS on the backup server is missing Windows Updates.
Status: Install the latest security updates, particularly Windows6.1-KB3033929-x64 > KB3033929


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