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[V11] Top issues tracker

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This topic contains top known issues for V11 based on their criticality or the number of support cases they generate.

#1: Upgrade to v11 fails during the configuration database upgrade
Symptoms: "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_Credentials.Onsite'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.Credentials.Onsite'. The duplicate key value is (GUID)" error in upgrade logs.
Cause: For reasons unknown, some customers have multiple credentials with the same GUID stored in the configuration, even if GUID generation algorithm excludes any possibility of generating a duplicate GUID. The database upgrade script is not ready to encounter duplicate GUIDs, so the upgrade process cannot continue. UPDATE: Duplicate GUIDs appeared due to a bug in the upgrade script between versions 6.5 to 7.0, if multiple Linux servers with the same credentials were registered with the backup server at the time of that upgrade.
Status: Please contact support for assistance with removing duplicate entries from the configuration database. For restoring a V10 configuration backup into a V11 backup server, the issue is fixed in P20210507 or later.

#2: Backup hangs at 0KB processed (usually when Windows deduplication is enabled on the repository)
Symptoms: Backup sits at 0KB on the hard disk read step. Potentially, any process that interacts with a backup file may hang when trying to open a backup file.
Cause: Issue with the new high-perf backup backup file interaction engine logic that can happen if a backup storage is very slow to respond to a request to open a backup file. Issue ID 299730.
Status: Fixed in P20210319 or later. If you previously created the DisableHtAsyncIo registry key as a temporary workaround, remember to delete it from the backup repository server.

#3: Possible data loss with IBM storage snapshot integration
Symptoms: Wrong LUN may be deleted from IBM SAN during storage snapshot retention processing.
Cause: A certain sequence of storage snapshot management operations may result in a LUN with duplicate ID appearing on storage, that will be later deleted by the retention policy.
Status: Fixed in P20210319 or later.

#4: vCloud Director jobs fail with a VDDK error
Symptoms: vCloud Director based backup and replication jobs may fail with the "VDDK error: 3 (One of the parameters was invalid)" error.
Cause: Conflict with the SkipCertificateCheck registry value that was set while using a previous product version.
Status: Fixed in P20210507 or later.

#5: Backup from storage snapshots fails
Symptoms: Backup jobs fails with the "Unknown plug-in: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" error.
Cause: The presence of rows with NULL host_id in [dbo].[Backup.Model.SanSnapshotJobInfos] table. Such rows may appear if you ever removed and re-added your primary storage to Veeam.
Status: Fixed in P20210507 or later.

#6: Poor incremental backup performance for host-based processing of vSphere and Hyper-V VMs
Symptoms: After upgrading to V11 directly from version 9.5, incremental backup and replication runs take longer than with previous versions.
Cause: Due to an issue with 9.5 installation files, upgrading directly to V11 does not replace one of the product files with a newer version.
Status: Fixed in P20210319 or later.

#7: Some Backup Copy monthly GFS backups are deleted after upgrading to V11
Symptoms: After upgrading to V11, retention policy may erroneously delete some of the GFS backups before their retention expires.
Cause: If your last full backup is corrupted when you upgrade to V11, this may lead the retention processing code to take an unexpected path and process incorrect backups. The easiest way to ensure you don't run into the issue is open the backup properties under Backups > Disk (copy) node and ensure the last full backup is not marked as Incomplete or Corrupted.
Status: Fixed in P20210401 or later.

#8: Jobs don't start according to the schedule
Symptoms: Jobs (usually Backup Copy) do not start according to the schedule, get stuck in the Stopping state, or demonstrate other abnormal behavior.
Cause: Watchdog taking a vacation. Watchdog is a service thread which kills job sessions which did not have a chance to finish properly due to some external event. In v11, under certain circumstances Watchdog can terminate abnormally, resulting in the following unfinished job sessions hanging forever.
Status: Fixed in P20210507 or later.If you run into this situation, restart the Veeam Backup Service.

#9: Reduced backup performance
Symptoms: After upgrading to V11, backup jobs to some backup repositories types take longer.
Cause: V11 engine is tuned for the Align backup file data blocks advanced repository setting (see the What's New document for more information). Depending on the storage device behind the backup repository, not having it selected may result in a noticeable performance impact from unaligned writes.
Status: Fixed in 11a. For V11, enable the option on all backup repositories.

#10: Delays when opening backup files from SMB share based backup repositories
Symptoms: Backup Copy jobs experience big delays between each backup file. All functionality that needs to read data from backup files takes longer to start the process.
Cause: WinAPI call for retrieving storage sector size hangs on some SMB shares. Like there was not enough reasons not to use SMB-based backup repositories already!
Status: Fixed in 11a (switched to another API call usage).

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