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[V12] Top issues tracker

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The following is the list of top V12 issues either resulting in a significant number of repeating support cases, or critical enough to be aware of (no matter how common).

#1: Non-blocking error message when opening a backup console.
Scope: Backup servers with existing tape backups.
Symptoms: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error is displayed when opening a backup console following V12 upgrade. The error can be dismissed by clicking OK.
Cause: Configuration database contains tape backups from a Windows server with a DNS name or IP address which is currently used by a VMware vCenter Server or ESXi host, which throws off some of the newly added volume type checks.
Status: Fixed in P20230412 or later.

#2: SQL Server transaction log backup fails.
Scope: VMware Cloud Director VMs + networkless application-aware processing performed (via VIX).
Symptoms: Log backup fails with the "The object 'vim.ManagedEntity: urn:vcloud:vm:GUID' has already been deleted or has not been completely created" error.
Cause: Bug with an incorrect vSphere API initialization.
Status: Fixed in P20230412 or later.

#3: Backup chain metadata upgrade takes extremely long time.
Scope: Local backup chain with immutable copies in Capacity Tier.
Symptoms: Upgrading metadata takes about 20 mins per machine.
Cause: Bug + general lack of optimizations for this upgrade scenario.
Status: Fixed in P20230412 or later.

#4: NetApp MetroCluster rescan failures.
Scope: DataONTAP-based storage in certain MetroCluster configurations (such as inactive SVM present).
Symptoms: Rescan fails on system volumes.
Cause: Regression due to another bug fix.
Status: Fixed in P20230412 or later.

#5: SureBackup job failures.
Scope: Virtual labs configurations with 2 or more IPv4 vNIC.
Symptoms: SureBackup job fails with the "Failed to start virtual lab proxy appliance VM. Proxy appliance VM network initialization failed. Check proxy appliance IP settings" error.
Cause: Regression due to IPv6 support.
Status: Fixed in P20230412 or later.

#6: Backup health check failures.
Scope: Legacy Backup Copy job with per-machine backup chains stored on SOBR.
Symptoms: Storage-level corruption guard scans fail with the "Cannot find previous full backup to calculate incremental backups estimate" error.
Cause: Regression due to the new backup chain metadata format.
Status: Fixed in P20230412 or later.

#7: Tape media eject failures.
Scope: Standalone tape drives.
Symptoms: Tape ejection fails with the "Automated library not found" error.
Cause: Regression with standalone tape drives support.
Status: Fixed in P20230412 or later.

#8: Empty Backups node.
Scope: Backup server with tape jobs that were upgraded to V12 and then migrated to PostgreSQL.
Symptoms: The "Backups > Disk" node appears empty, although in reality it just takes forever to populate.
Cause: The reportbackupsoverview function takes too much time to complete when there are too many items in certain configuration database tables.
Status: Fixed in P20230412 or later.

#9: Cluster backup failures.
Scope: Agent-based cluster backup job with deduplication option disabled.
Symptoms: The processing of clustered disks fails with the "Failed to clone clustered disks" error.
Cause: Slipped regression due to unexpected configuration (cluster backup with disabled deduplication).
Status: Fixed in P20230412 or later.

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