Traffic Rules for Multiple Proxies to one

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Traffic Rules for Multiple Proxies to one

Veeam Logoby jmb123 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:01 pm

Hi, I have configured in B&R 9.5 U1 several rules for traffic flow.

My org has six remote sites and one DR site. Each site, including the DR site, has a physical Windows proxy server.
We have a rule set up that is traffic from anywhere in our network to anywhere in the IP range for our DR site should be limited to 70Mbps.
We also have rules that state that traffic from each remote site to anywhere in our network should be limited to about 75% of the remote site's bandwidth.

What we expected was that outgoing bandwidth from each proxy is limited (this is working) and that incoming bandwidth at our DR site is also limited (this doesn't seem to be working). When multiple replica jobs run, our DR site's bandwidth can get saturated (100Mbps) and stay pegged at 100% for a while.

My question is, does the traffic rule that states that incoming bandwidth is limited to 70Mbps apply to each job individually or as a group?

For example:
Job 1 replicates from Site A (outgoing limit 50) to Site DR (incoming limit 70)
Job 2 replicates from Site B (outgoing limit 50) to Site DR (incoming limit 70)
Job 3 replicates from Site C (outgoing limit 20) to Site DR (incoming limit 70)

Would we expect to see the DR site 70Mbps limit enforced for all running jobs collectively, keeping the incoming bandwidth to 70Mbps or,
Just for each single job, allowing our DR site bandwidth to be saturated by trying to shove 120Mbps into a 100Mbps pipe?
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Re: Traffic Rules for Multiple Proxies to one

Veeam Logoby Andreas Neufert » Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:35 pm

Hello Jeremy,

if a single B&R Management Server handles all the backups, the rule should apply for all connections together.

In general this rule apply only for the Veeam Transport components (at Replication, between 2 proxies... not between an ESXi host and a Proxy).
I guess that something do not use the correct components on the correct sites. Please double check and let a Veeam SE or our Support look at this.

Maybe you can post a more detailed example here.
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