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Transform previous backup chains

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I have a quick question regarding the option available when using incremental backups with periodic fulls. Wich are the drawbacks when choosing "Transform previous backup chains into rollbacks" ? I know it takes longer time to run but are there any other disadvantages to this option? Are there any besides the processing time?


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Re: Transform previous backup chains

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Andreas, another drawback is that transform is very I/O intensive operation.

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Re: Transform previous backup chains

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This is even worse if you use a dedup appliance.We run on ExaGrid and since its a post-processing dedup, transforms really put serious performances problems to the NAS. Also, having Veeam installed in a VM creates high cpu loads in the VMware clusters where Veeam proxies are executed.
I did some tests and in our scenario (do not keep it as a general rule) and at the end we are better to run active full rather than transforming incremental chains.

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