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Trying to back up Veeam

Post by JustinCredible »

I have installed Veeam on one of our VMs and it is working great. I was wondering then how do I back up the VM that has Veeam installed on it? I have been excluding it from the job because I wasn't sure if it worked, but I just tried it now and it said it failed because it couldn't find a suitable proxy. The Veeam install itself has a proxy, so it should have worked. Or do I need a second proxy installed on a second VM on the same physical server, to be able to back up the first proxy? I read in the FAQ the following:

Q: Can the proxy server backup itself?
A: Yes, the proxy server can backup itself and any other Veeam Backup & Replication component.\\\

So it seems it should just work but I am getting an error.
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Trying to back up Veeam

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You should be able to backup Veeam backup server itself in network mode and "application aware image processing" disabled. Thanks!
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Re: Trying to back up Veeam

Post by Gostev »

Backup proxy server, and Veeam backup management server are different components - so the FAQ above does not really apply here. There are plenty of existings topics on backing up actual Veeam server, just use search and continue posting there if needed - although Vitaly had already posted the summary above. This thread will be locked as duplicate. Thanks!
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Is it possible to backup the Veeam Server itself?

Post by marius roma »


I feel confused because in many topics I read that it is possible to backup the Veeam Backup server itself while in other sites (including competitors' sites) I read that the Veeam Backup server cannot backup itself.
So, let me ask my question: given a Veeam BR 6.x server running as a VM in a vSphere 5.x infrastructure, what is the simplest (and safe) way to backup the server itself?

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