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Understanding Replication Files

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I am using Veeam V6 and all is great.

I am having an issue sizing my partitions for replicas as I do not understand the files that are being created. Obviously I understand that I need more space than on my source partitions as I am saving a number of restore points/snapshots.

What I don't understand are the size and dates of the files in my replica. Please see the following


Here's my questions.....

1) So my replica job was created and first run on 04.03.12 - but that replica is no use to me anymore as it's really old. If Veeam is rolling snapshots into this then why does the date not change on it.
2) The job is set for 3 restore points which today should be 27th, 24th and 23rd of March. This makes sense except for the 23rd March which is dated the 4th March
3) What are the 8MB snapshot files dated 27/03/12 at 01:55 - these seem to roll forward each replica.

I'm sure someone can explain...........


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Re: Understanding Replication Files

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Chris, it's hard to say what really happened to your replica job without seeing your log files. You'd better open the case with support and they could tell what really happened and whether everything is ok after reviewing the logs.
Regarding number 3), is there a chance that the screenshot is made during the job run or the last job run failed or was forcibly stopped?

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