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unexpected incremental backup results

Post by me123 »

I started a nightly backup job on our test VIC last week. Backing up 8 VMs that are test only and not really used. The initial backup and the first incremental are what I expected, however the size of each subsequent incremental backup is larger than the previous one. Are the incremental backups supposed to get larger and larger every time? Also, the dedupe ratio of the initial backup was 50% and each incremental backup is 100% (which means that nothing was deduped, right). Just wondering if these results are normal?
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Re: unexpected incremental backup results

Post by Gostev »

Hello, incremental backup size (size of VRB file) depends on the volume of changes since last backup.
Reversed incremental data (VRB files) are not deduped, so this is expected.
Thank you.
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