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Using a VM Veeam server for Direct San Access FC

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Hi, thanks for reading.

I work for a consulting company, mainly focused on the SMB market. In that capacity, we mainly deploy iSCSI based SANs. So when I want to use the "Direct SAN Access", I just have to add a PortGroup to the iSCSI network.

But, one of my customer is using a DS4700 from IBM. In this case, if the customer wants to use a VM for it's Veeam server, will he be able to use the "Direct SAN Access"?

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Re: Using a VM Veeam server for Direct San Access FC

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Dominic, according to my quick search, this device provides FC only and thus direct SAN access cannot be used with virtual Veeam B&R server. But the customer still can use Virtual Appliance mode for fast source data retrieval. See our sticky F.A.Q. topic for details. Thanks.
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