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Using Backup Exec to send latest VBK file to tape

Post by elite-11 »

Dear All,

I am having dificulties getting the Veeam backups I specify to be archived straight off to tape using the integration guide available from Veeam.

I have created backup jobs in Backup Exec with the same name as the jobs in Veeam, and configured Veeam with the follwing command to run this command once the job has completed.

"E:\Program Files\Veritas\Back Up Exec\bemcmd" -o1 –jVeeamWeekly2003Servers

I have also set the "Run every" option to the same number as the rollbacks I want to keep to ensure that it runs when I want it to.

The article initially said to create a folder on the local backup server and create a test file to make sure that the job would run, bit not to schedule it in of which I did. The Veeam job then later completed and did automatically start the job in Backup Exec, but it only backed up the contents of the folder I had specified.

I have since changed this to the NAS box and selected the latest VBK file and it still will not run.

Forgive me for being stupid but do you know what I am doing wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Using Backup Exec to send latest VBK file to tape

Post by Gostev »

Try putting your test file next to VBK and see if it works. If not, something is wrong with your BackupExec (may be it cannot access NAS share, or something).

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