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Using old replication for seed

Post by jmb123 » Jul 26, 2017 12:13 pm

Hi all, I've got a site that has been on it's backup network circuit for a couple weeks while the local ISP dorks around trying to fix the main line. Since the backup circuit bandwidth is very small, we disabled replications for that site.

My coworker and boss are both concerned that the replications we have in our DR site are now "to old" or "stale" to use once we get the main circuit back online, hopefully in the next couple days. I can't find anything online that states that once replications are "X" days old they cannot be used anymore for seeds or that they go "stale" after so many days. To me, it would seem that once the replication job is enabled it will simply catch back up using CBT to not replicate the data that hasn't changed...but I'm also very new to Veeam so I'm not sure.

Has anyone ever had this situation, or know what would happen if a replication that has been turned off for two weeks gets enabled?

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Re: Using old replication for seed

Post by veremin » Jul 26, 2017 1:04 pm

As long as replica VM MorefID stays the same, there would be no issues with replication job catching up changes after two week downtime.

Otherwise (MorefID change), you would need to map replication job to replica VM in order to avoid full VM transfer.


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