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Using Replicaiton Only

Post by schwagro »

We are looking at doing some replication to a DR site. Currently we use BackupExec for all of our backups and we aren't really interested in switching that solution at this time. Is it possible to run both products, using the replicaiton feature from Veeam and continue doing backups with BackupExec. That is, can they work together using change block tracking, or would we have to use Veeam's backup as well to make this work?

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Re: Using Replicaiton Only

Post by peter.dyer »

You can use just the replication component of Veeam Backup & Replication and continue to use your current backup solution. There is no requirement to use the backup side of Veeam Backup & Replication in order to use the replication.

You may have some considerations regarding things like transaction logs depending on what is running in the VMs you are backing up and replicating, but Veeam gives you options in how you handle that.

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Re: Using Replicaiton Only

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The changed block tracking part of question is covered in the sticky FAQ topic. Thanks!

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