Using Veeam Backup Manager, Backup and Replication with DR

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Using Veeam Backup Manager, Backup and Replication with DR

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So for the Veeam people the case number is 02079254.

I am wondering if anyone else is using Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager, B&R and a third party DR solution.

We're running B&R 9.0, BEM 9.5 and vSphere 6.0

This is a brief explanation of our configuration.

We have two sites, SiteA and SiteB, both sites have production work loads but are also the DR locations for each other, replication is managed by RecoverPoint and failover by VMware Site Recovery Manager, the backup storage on both sides is Data Domain running DDOS 5.7.3.

So how this would play out is we have a DR activity (Or in our case a DR test) and we fail specific SiteA VMs to SiteB, we add SiteA VMs to DR specific jobs at SiteB, complete the test and then fail those VMs back to SiteA.

The DR jobs at SiteB are now disabled but we don't delete them so we don't have to recreate them in the event of an actual DR activity, we also have SiteA VMs now held in a repo on our SiteB Data Domain.

Now what happens is that when we fail back to SiteA and then try to perform a restore from the Enterprise Manager it is trying to use the SiteB proxy and B&R server to handle the restore and appears to be sending it to the offline VM, which of course fails.

The issue all seems to be contained to the BEM database, if we set up a new DB for BEM, only add the SiteA backup server we can restore fine, once we add SiteB to it it'll overwrite the DB entries and reference SiteB in the restore data instead.

If we run restores from the B&R servers themselves we have no issues.

So my question for the general populace is, if you're using a third party replication service and third party DR application how are you managing DR backups and then future restores based on that data?
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