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v4 to v5 upgrade and restore points

Post by derekross »

In version 4 of VBR I had my restore point retention policy set to 7 days. When each backup ran, you would see the backup retention policy was checked and if needed, an old backup was removed. Now with version 5 I don't see this happening.

I had a weeks worth of backup's from version 4. And now I have 2 days of backups from version 5 completely filling my local disk drive where my backups are saved. When a backup runs I don't see the message any more about checking the retention policy nor does it purge old backups. Backups will not run now with 0 space left....

Alexey D.

Re: v4 to v5 upgrade and restore points

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Derek, for any technical issues please open support case directly with our support and provide full logs, as explained when you click New Topic. Thank you.
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