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v5 upgrade does not look good

Post by gvinpin »

I have succesfully upgraded 2 Veeam v4 servers to v5, but third one is a problem.
The other two are 64bit 2008R2 servers but this one in 23bit 2003 server.
The upgrade proccess went OK, but I cannot browse anything under vCenter, with error message:
Failed to execute stored procedure. [UpdateHostRow]
Procedure of function 'UpdateHostRow' expect parameters 'rowIP'

I can connect ESX server, but when trying to connect Virtual Centre getting the same error.
VC and ESX servers are 4.1
Alexey D.

Re: v5 upgrade does not look good

Post by Alexey D. »


Are you upgrading to v5.0 or v5.0.1? We had this case in v5.0, and the fix for it was shipped with v5.0.1 update.
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