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v6 Infrastructure Setup

Post by Robdigi »

I have several remotes sites that each has their own ESXi server and IT admin.

I am looking into the possibility of configuring a single v6 B&R server to manage jobs, and setting up a VM at each site to act as a backup proxy/repository. The backups will be stored on each proxy server's iSCSI drive.

Can I setup Enterprise Manager to include each of these sites? If so, will the local admins have the ability to login to Enterprise Manager and run restore jobs for their individual site? In other words, are there customizable roles that will allow them access only their site's backups?

Would it be better to install a full copy of Veeam B&R at each site to achieve this level of control at the site level?

The amount of remote sites may grow to around 20. I also have to consider sending backups to the main B&R site for DR. Would this be too much for a single B&R server to manage?

How would you guys handle this situation?

Sorry for the long question.


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Re: v6 Infrastructure Setup

Post by foggy »

Robbie, generally you can use the single Veeam backup server/Enterprise Manager to administer your backup infrastructure, but with the current security model you will not be able to implement the required level of control. In this case every local admin will have access to all jobs/backups/etc. To achieve that, you have to setup a separate backup server in each remote site. Please read about Enterprise Manager roles in more detail in its user guide (p.19). Thanks.

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Enterprise manager security / feature question

Post by bodogb »


We are a hosting company, backing up the whole infrastructure with Veeam. 1 server is handling backups, there are 2 backup jobs containing all the servers. We have Enterprise Manager installed on the same server, indexing the whole backup set. It's working like a charm. One of our clients would like to handle file level restore to his servers himself instead of writing to our support every time. Is there a way to create a limited user account for him in Enterprise manager so that he can only see backups of selected servers and he can only restore to those selected servers?

If this is not possible, are there any workarounds? Except installing multiple Veeam servers and enterprise managers, which we would like to avoid.

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Re: v6 Infrastructure Setup

Post by chjones »

Was there any progress on locking down which from which VMs (or backups) a user can restore files from?

We too have users that want to be able to restore files themselves, but if I give them the File Restore role in Veeam Enterprise Manager they can restore files from any backup from any Veeam Backup Server (we have two backup servers in different datacentres for DR to aid in the restoration of VM Replicas in the event one datacentre goes down).

I know we can limit the types of files the users can restore, but systems and the restore requirements vary, so this feature is very limiting as it is a global setting not a per user/group setting.

Also we can only allow the users to restore files directly to the original source, which is a nice feature, but it doesn't stop someone restoring heaps of data to the original source server that another user supports/manages.

Hopefully the security on self service file level restores can be improved.

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Re: v6 Infrastructure Setup

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hi Chris,

This FR is still on the radar and our R&D team is investigating possibilities of adding this capability in our next releases.


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