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v6 patch 3 caused digest to recompute

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So... I just upgraded to v6 patch 3 from patch 2 yesterday and when I came in today I noticed my main replication job still going. When I looked at the job I see it is calculating the digest again. While normally most people probably don't care, this server is 9 TB, with multiple 850Gig drives so this procedure takes days. Is this because of a new digest calculation? I noticed something about that in the patch release notes, and hopefully this is just a one time recalcuation?

Also, I originally seeded this from a backup job since it is offsite, could/should I go in and edit the job now and remove the checkbox for the Low connection bandwidth (enable replica seeding)? Or should I leave it alone? Also, I am planning on removing that disk I used to seed as we bought that just to get the data from here to there and I would like to bring it back to the HQ so I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to break the job at all removing the original drive it seeded from.

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Re: v6 patch 3 caused digest to recompute

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Mark, digest recalculation is not normally intended after application of the hotfix. Could you please open a support case, provide the full logs for the affected jobs, and post the case ID here so our QC could investigate this. Thanks!

Regarding your second question, yes, you can edit the replication job to remove the seed settings, if you wish, and remove the disk used for the initial seeding. This shouldn't break your replication job.
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