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V6 replication target datastore usage exessive

Post by rileybloke »


I notice V6 replication retention points take a alot more space on the target datastore compared to version 5.
I have had to downgrade to version 5 due to limited space on my taget datastore.


Also, if replication job runs out of storage on the target datastore, the job stalls, and you cannot cancel the job. You have to kill the Veeam processes or restart the Veeam computer/server.
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Re: V6 replication target datastore usage exessive

Post by Gostev »

Hi Phil,

Consider reducing the amount of restore points in the job settings to accommodate the new replication, or adding more storage. Generally speaking, the main difference between backup and replication is disc cost. If you cannot afford replicating, you should simply use the backup instead.

The new replication architecture is here to stay, as it provides overwhelming benefits over older architecture, as explained in the What's New document:
1. Stopping or crashing replication job does not render the latest restore point unusable until the following job run, as it used to be the case with v5.
2. Makes instant failover to any restore point possible (with v5 architecture, it may take hours to failover to any restore point other than the latest one, due to the restore points not being stored in the native format). There is really little point in replicating with multiple restore points when it takes too long time to failover to those earlier restore points (for the same time, you can do normal restore from backup instead).
3. Makes manual failover to any restore point possible (with v5, you could only power on the latest restore point manually). This may be useful if you lose your backup server as a part of disaster.

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