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v6 WAN Backup Question

Post by Reimold »

Hi, when i create a replication job i can choose that i want to initial seeding from a backup repository but when i create a backup job i do not have the option. We would like to make a backup of VMs running on different site over a WAN link, that works fine with small VM´s but for larger ones a seeding from a backup file on a USB disk would help or do i have missed something ?

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Re: v6 WAN Backup Question

Post by Gostev »

Hi, there is no explicitly labeled option in UI for backup "seeding", but this is very easy to do indeed. Perform full backup to the local backup repository, then move the produced backup files to the backup repository in the remote site, perform Rescan on repository so that it registers the backup file, and then just update your existing job settings by choosing remote repository, and selecting the moved backup file via Map backup funtion on the same step of the wizard. Thanks!

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