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V7 Backup Job Copy - Disk IO

Post by AlainRussell »

We're making some plans around our backup infrastructure and trying to take into account IO with the V7 backup job copy. Is there a any info you can share (could not find a thread) that covers where the IO bottlenecks will be with job copy and V7. Our Current setup vs proposed new setup below.

Veeam 7 is a virtual appliance
- Backup job to second SAN group (datacentre hosted) during the day (Reverse Incremental)
- Backup job to off-site NAS overnight, linux target repository (Incremental with synthetic full weekly), the IO on this box means the synthetic full can take 12-14 hours currently - some of this may be related to the ReadyNAS itself.

Veeam 7 stays as appliance
- Backup job to second SAN group as above 2x daily (Incremental)
- Backup job copy to offsite VM (Wan accelerator) overnight (GFS rotation in effect), new machine will have direct connected iSCSI volume as backup store. We're looking to replace the ReadyNAS we use currently with a Synology DS3612xs.

Really just trying to find out what sort of IO the backup copy job creates on the target storage?


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Re: V7 Backup Job Copy - Disk IO

Post by foggy »

Alain, without looking deep into the number of reads and writes performed by the backup copy job on target, I'd assume that the load put on the secondary storage will be comparable to an incremental backup with synthetic full. However, unlike with the primary storage affected in the latter case, this load is not that critical, since backup copy job activity is performed outside the backup window.

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Re: V7 Backup Job Copy - Disk IO

Post by veremin »

Also , providing that backup copy job puts really small impact on primary backup repository and that you can also easily apply required throttling rules, it might be worth starting backup copy jobs just after the normal backup ones, instead of running them over night.


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