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V8 Enterprise Manager(issues delegating specific user roles)

Post by JaquesC » Aug 11, 2015 9:02 am

Hi there,

Simple quick one, hope you can help me.

on Enterprise Manager, if you go about to edit a user and you want to delegate specific rights, and in this case, Guest file level restores only, and also only specific VM's.

When you select the Specific VM only option, of course then you are prompted to browse the Hypervisors' and select the VM's you want them to be restricted to, but this just runs with "Please Wait" and times out eventually with a "Communication Failure" This looks like a lookup it's doing against the Hypervisors' in order to give you a list of virtual machines, not sure how this process works and what Veeam does with commands etc... in the back-end, but it doesn't work at all, keeps looping and trying to pull the list then just fails eventually.

Any ideas?


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Re: V8 Enterprise Manager(issues delegating specific user ro

Post by veremin » Aug 11, 2015 11:25 am

Hard to say without seeing logs. Kindly, contact support team and let them investigate it directly. Thanks.

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