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V8 uninstall issue

Post by graycj » Jan 06, 2015 4:52 pm

Hello Forums,

I'm in a fix. I' realised I wasn't running the latest patch (patch 1) for v8 on a test client, after upgrading the Veeam Backup Service wouldn't start, although the patch installed successfully.

I reinstalled the patch again this time as Administrator and again it completed successfully, but I still couldn't start the Veeam Backup Service. All other services started ok.

So i thought I would uninstall Veeam and start again, as I have a suspicion that this was originally a v8 RC1 install.

I now cannot uninstall Veeam either. I get the following error: Could not load type 'Veeam.Backup.Configuration.V65.DatabaseConfiguratuon Permissions' from assembly 'Veeam.Backup.Configuration, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublikKeyToken=bfd684de2276783a'.

Any ideas welcome!


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Re: V8 uninstall issue

Post by Gostev » Jan 06, 2015 5:01 pm

Hi, Carl.

The best idea is to scrap the server and use clean OS install.

Alternatively, you can try to work with our support to see what is preventing uninstall. Although, you will not be able to get support if it was a v8 RC1 install indeed (I can tell you this based on the build number of some unpatched executable or DLL file).


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