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VBEM disk IO after 11 to 12 upgrade

Post by desmith »

Has anyone paid attention to disk IO on SQL Server DB for VBEM after upgrading from 11 to 12? I only noticed because I was monitoring an unrelated issue after upgrading Veeam ONE, and disk writes have gone up massively.

Looks like mainly writes to VBEM DB Logfile, possibly some additional tempdb use as well. Been through a few things in 05936760 (mainly recreating the DB) but they've somehow now mistaken it as CPU usage issue...
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Re: VBEM disk IO after 11 to 12 upgrade

Post by Mildur »

Hi Derek

I didn't heard of such issues myself. Maybe others have seen a similar behavior.
Please continue to work with your support engineer. If they have mistaken it for a CPU usage detail, have you mentioned that to your support engineer?

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