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vbk file corrupted

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When I try to import a backup file into a VBR 5, I get this error "All instances of file are corrupted".

The vbk file I'm trying to import is from a VBR 4, stored on an external disk.

What this message means? Can I import a version 4 vbk file to VBR 5?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: vbk file corrupted

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David, generally you can import vbk files created by any Veeam B&R version into version 5, as we always provide backward compatibility. I would recommend to address our support team with this to have them view your log files. Thanks.
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Re: vbk file corrupted

Post by Gostev »

From the error it looks like the backup file is badly corrupted. There is redundancy in backup file metadata, one instance remains read-only while other instance is updated (this way, in case update fails somewhere in the middle, there is still "good" copy of metadata available). The error above indicates that corruption happened due to outside factors (on storage level), and affected both copies of metadata, so most likely the backup file is unrecoverable.
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