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VBK File size too large?

Post by ddores »

We've been using Veeam for a while now, and I was paying attention to the size of our backup sets, as the removable media that I'm going to was getting full.

I'm noticing that even with Deduplication, and compression set on - some of my VBK files are double in size to what they 'should' be - even without compression.

For example, I've got a Server 2003 instance that's only using 70 Gb of disk, so with compression, that should be smaller - yet I'm getting a VBK of 130Gb +

Feeling kinda stupid - anyone know what I'm missing?

It's not a straight double-rule - sometimes is's 25%, sometimes it's a different number -

Any ideas appreciated -
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Re: VBK File size too large?

Post by Vitaliy S. »


Could you please tell what backup mode are you using for the backup job (Reversed/Forward Incremental)?

Besides, please take a look a these topics for further reading: V5 Reversed Incremental continues to grow and VBK Growth

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Re: VBK File size too large?

Post by Gostev »

Also, what version are you running? If you have been using v4, or v5 in reversed incremental backup mode, and the job has been running for a while, performing a full backup will create new VBK with reduced size.
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