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vbm permission needed changed with V6 ?

Post by stormlight »

Hello, We backup to a datadomain-1 at site 1 which then replicates the backup job to site 2 datadomain-2.

If we want to restore a vm in site 2 that was replicated from site 1 we import the backup job into veeam in site 2.

During the import we are presented with
Failed to load backup metaData from:\\path\folder\VM.vbm and Failed to load content file from:\\path\folder\VM.vbm. Access is denied.
Did something change with 6 were veeam needs write permission to these VBM files/folders? The replicated folder that holds these files is read only in data domain since its part of the replication folder.

I have to make a copy of the file/folders and place them on a read/write section of the datadomain so that I can import the job sucsessfully. I didn't have to do that with 5.

Vranger use to have this problem a few years back until they fixed it so that the metadata was read only. Was this changed specifically in 6 for some reason? Why would I need any write access to the location of were my backup is located. That doesn't seem safe as I don't want veeam to compromise the integrity of any backup/data I have.


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Re: vbm permission needed changed with V6 ?

Post by Gostev »


The error says "Access is denied", so clearly the only issue here is that this share requires authentication. You should create the new backup repository pointing to this share, and specify the share credentials in the wizard. At the end of the wizard, you will be offered to automatically search and import all backups already residing in the newly created repository - do this, and all your backup will appear in the UI.


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