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VCB and DR

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quick question hopefully. I want to install Veeam backup on a VCB proxy for speed/low impact on esx hosts, and replicate vms to a remote server set up as a disaster recovery server (100MB throughout). The VCB/Veeam server will be local to the main cluster for physical reasons. My question is that this looks like a problem if the disaster takes out the Veaam database server toor: without VCB, I'd probably put the management server at the DR site for this reason.

My first thought in solving this would be to install a remote Veaam Backup server at the DR site with a full SQL database, then disable the Veeam service on this server. After that I'd set up the VCB powered server at the main site but point it at the SQL instance on the remote server. We'd use the VCB server for individual server and file level recoveries, but if the VCB server fails as part of a major incident, we could start up the Veeam service on the DR server, and have everything still up to date in the database.

Would this be a reasonable and workable approach to the speed/fault tolerance dilemma? Or am I overlooking something obvious?

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Re: VCB and DR

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Hello Paul, VCB is completely unneeded on the DR side because VCB is used for backups only and does not take part in recovery. Neither you need connection to production SQL database - instead, you can simply perform "Import Backup" operation and start restoring immediately.
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