[Feature Request] vCenter Migration / Enterprise Manager

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[Feature Request] vCenter Migration / Enterprise Manager

Veeam Logoby FTBZ » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:08 am


We used in the past week the vCenter Migration Utility for migrating our installation from vCenter 6.0 to vCenter 6.5 keeping our VM history. The script was working fine with the Windows Veeam client because you can select a new restore location if the original location isn't existing anymore.

The problem is that the Enterprise Manager has no option to specify a new destination, it will show an error immediately leaving the user dissatisfied.

So, perhaps in our case I see some limitations with Veeam and/or the vCenter Migration Tool:
  • #1 Windows client: Ability to limit the restoration process by Users/VMs like Enterprise Manager
  • Enterprise Manager: Ability to choose a new destination like the Windows client
  • vCenter Migration Utility: Add a notice about Enterprise Manager problem in the vCenter Migraiton Utility documentation, because we were really bothered
Thanks for reading.
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