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Veeam 12 - Oracle Plug in and Linux Agent?

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Please can you assist me? I need to verify what new functionality has been included with the Veeam 12 Oracle Plug in, and the Linux Agent in terms of backing up an ASM managed Oracle RAC database.

We want to be able to control the Oracle RMAN backups from the Veeam console, and also make a copy of these backups to tape. From the information available on the web it is a bit ambiguous.

If you have any suggestions on the best way to achieve these goals it would be appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards
Andrew Rycroft
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Re: Veeam 12 - Oracle Plug in and Linux Agent?

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Hi Andrew,

In the last release of Veeam Agent for Linux we didn't do any new features for Oracle RAC databases residing on ASM. Veeam plug-in for Oracle RMAN fully already supports this setup. Moreover, the Oracle RMAN backup policy released in v12 allows you to manage plug-in based backups from Veeam B&R console, see more info here and let us know if you have any questions.

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